Laws and Regulations

Laws and Regulations

Social Insurance Law

The Social Insurance Law was issued under the Royal Decree No. M/22 dated 15/11/1969. The Annuities Branch was implemented on 01/01/1393,.and the Occupational Hazards Branch on 01/07/1402H. The Law was amended by the Royal Decree No. M/33 dated 29/11/2000, and implemented as of 01/04/2001

Social Insurance Policy

 It constitutes the rules and procedures for registration, assessment and collection of contributions, survey of establishments, submission of appeals, and  rules and procedures for application of the annuity branch, the Occupational Hazards Branch, the medical board membership, and regulating the activities of the inspection agencies 

Social Insurance Protection

Under the decision of the Supreme Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Member States approving the Unified Law of Insurance Protection Extension to GCC Member States Citizens Working in other GCC Member State, the Royal Decree No. (M/63) dated 26/11/1426H was issued approving the said Law.