Open Data Guidelines

Open Data Guidelines

Terms of use : 

 - Do not distort this data or its source .

- Not to use the data for political purposes, to support illegal or criminal activity, racist or discriminatory comments, fueling or negative influence on culture, equality, incitement, or any irregular activity that is contrary to the customs and traditions of the Kingdom .

  - The organization guarantees the reliability and timeliness of the data uploaded for the first time only, and does not guarantee the reliability of the files being modified or analyzed .

 - The source of the information used by the organization's portal should be mentioned through the publication of the link in order to preserve the intellectual property of the data, its credibility and authenticity, and adherence to the policy of using open data for the institution .

 - It should be clearly and explicitly stated that the source of data in all applications, sites, articles and scientific research that you use or republish is the Open File Library.